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by Direct Collapse

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released August 5, 2017


Jay M Blanch (Vocals, Programming), Jo Aguda (Guitar), 
Jay Ericson (Keys), Celeste Filth (Bass), Bones Padilla (Drums)

all songs written by Jay M Blanch, except:
Recusant, written with Josh Michael Tyler,
and Dark Matter Halo, written with Jared Warren

lyrics by Jay M Blanch & Jay Ericson

keys, drums and production by Jay M Blanch
bass guitar performed by Jared Warren
guitar performed by Jay M Blanch & Josh Michael Tyler
except guitar on Dark Matter Halo, performed by Jared Warren

additional drums on CrimsonHead and I Bind Thee performed by Mark Davis
additional keys on Harbinger performed by Jay Ericson
additional guitars on One of Those Nights performed by Ty Oliver

backup vocals on I Bind Thee by Trevor Friedrich
backup vocals on One of Those Nights by Josh Michael Tyler

mixed and mastered by Mick Kenney

artwork by Acclaim Nation
space cg by TKiMedia
graphic design by abrasivemusik




all rights reserved


Direct Collapse Oakland, California

Industrial hardcore space trash. Self titled album August 1st.

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Track Name: As One (Voces Mysticae)
all dead, all dying
soul and flesh become
all dead, all dying
soul and flesh as one

cutting through this abhorrent noise
our souls left twisted, but not destroyed
celebrating entropy for the world
as we make our way through the void

feel your way through the dark and the cold within
when everything you touch dies a little more
and every step you take is another sin
set fire to yourself and begin

let the growing void fill you up
consuming all in poison banality
every drop so precious
as we salivate on our souls for mortality

they said that in death we would finally be free
but we know now our fate is silent entropy
when nothing after they tell us is true
you'll sell your life for a a soul that’s not you
Track Name: Recusant
all faith, all apathy
all my nightmares are dreams of what's to come
all is ending
this hatred this clarity
all promise of ascension
is light made to blind

all hate, all apathy
all the nightmares are dreams of what's to come
all becoming
distort reality
tear your soul apart
and let the flames decide

all to control
all souls to decay
but i’ll burn away

from the dark inertia to a dream of death
ever more violent, dissident
an x over my heart till the last faith dies
my curse, my name:
Track Name: Dark Matter Halo
i devoured my heart to survive
starved on a vacant reality
fed it straight through the veins
into the sacred hell of all i disdain

every word of dissent is drowned out
regurgitate something safe and then spit it out
you follow in their madness
i’m spitting blood until i run out

i rise
back to this dying world
(just waiting to fall…)
collapsing inwards
to build a wall
(just waiting to fall…)

in a dark matter halo
with our eyes filled with dust
our faustian deal, signed
in god we trust
Track Name: CrimsonHead
can’t put it back together
somehow aware

masticated empty shell
pick the remains
what body?
just leave it there

briefly arise from this reverie
to find it all was real
i’m still stuck in here
dread panic descends with me
to live and die again and never disappear

the sickness grows and hastens now
trying to hold it all in
don’t let the blood begin
straining all my wounds
and i may not come to pass this way again

released from the arms of absolution
i saw the storm that’s coming for us all
still clinging to light, though i strain my eyes
all i see is red

and with a hate as blind as your conviction
i feel the fire that’s coursing through my veins
i’m cutting it out
i’m trying to hide it inside
my crimson head

the venom as sustenance will dissipate
as dread panic ascends from me to reverie
all feigned absolution lost…
(what remains may not be me)

and then the day came to realize
this living grudge will never die
it keeps coming back, keeps walking
backwards from the light
Track Name: Extinction Burst
by the light of the path behind in flames
i press further towards the dawn

release the poisoned blood
from my blackened veins

open the way before me
or i’ll kiss you with steel and malice

let my blood seep into the earth
else all we touch dies with us
Track Name: Harbinger
one eye open to watch the sky
as the lights fall towards the earth
i’m drawing patterns in dark
black patterns in the dark

the hands reach down from the sky
and all they touch is only pain
close my eyes to watch it burn
back to the fires whence we came

i drew the circle and spoke the curse
a foreordination of ruin
and as the hours drew near to close
every word was hollow

and all the lights settle beneath the ground
we had no fate, so we wrote misery
the screams resound and i’ll silence the sound
with words of entropy

empty words
to the suffered, to the tortured
fall with me in nothing
as i came before and again
till every bitter end

it means nothing
Track Name: I Bind Thee
i’m crawling back towards the star
are my wounds still bleeding?
i cut it all without regret
now i’m burning the wreckage

and among all of your scars
there’s always one never healing
from where you tore out your soul
and you fed it to me

keep pouring the blackness down
let it fill thee
there’s no hope for regression left
i’m sorry to say

i’ll keep burning my bridges behind me
and keep my back against the fucking wall

i know there’s nothing left
but please believe
this is not of hatred but of sympathy

open the maelstrom
bring the light
burn it out

open the sky unto the eye
feel it inside you
now know all that i said was true
as the eye turns to you

what’s left of you into the light
black it out
to all your weak maliciousness
to all your lies

into the maelstrom
into the light, burn it down
to all your treachery
i bind thee
Track Name: One of Those Nights
open me

faith falls through me
in the night
so briefly alive
almost catch my breath—

canceling the noise

just before it left
and i am left alone
in life and pain

the heart will choke the mind

each breath i take in spite of whatever made me
resuscitate the flame just to feel it burn
in lifeless reverie, i wander towards the light
and all hatred is swallowed in the fire

i’m still unsure if it’s growth or if it’s decay
this curse of light collapsing from within
down on what’s left of a broken corpse
radiating a fire throughout the night…

i’m still unsure
if it’s growth or if it’s decay…

burn it clean.